Bring Health, a health-care organization for everyone’s general health, quality of life and preventative measures to stay fit and healthy.




As we move towards a fast-paced society where people are getting busier and also into a world with advanced technologies, it becomes common to have our stress levels increase and subsequently impacting our lifestyles, social relationships and diet in a negative way. As a consequence, our quality of life is drastically reduced.

Therefore, our VISION is to be a committed platform to promote awareness of good health-care team work to the people and provide them better access for such connection through good support systems.

We at Bring Health believe in health-care preservation through identifying each individual’s constitution and approaching you with health-care methods and support systems that suit you. Each of us is unique with our own individualization of health setting; such health setting called ‘constitution’ is an individual’s overall ability in connecting own’s physiology and mentality to adapt to the environment, age, personal life and mental-emotional involvement around us.

At Bring Health, we have partnerships with other health professionals in supporting your well-being improvement. We have Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine as one of our main partners in providing holistic health-care services. Other health professionals will be joining us soon to share their expertise with us.

Access to these health-care systems is through membership with us. Your membership will allow you access and enjoy some of the main benefits:

v  Regular health assessments for continuous overall well-being

v  Designated health programs that are suitable for you. We will journal your progress and customize your programs based on your needs

v  Better access of health support services to achieve your health goals


v  Educational improvement progress

v  Health awareness seminars/talks

v  Support of well-being factors developments in living environments 

v  Assistance in Cultural & Well-being trips/tours

v  Assistance in chronic conditions health care

v  Cooperative working relationship with other health/fitness instructors


Take charge of your own health-care initiatives! With our support and cooperative working network with other health professionals, we can help you to achieve your health and lifestyle goals!

Come join us and let us support you working towards your well-being!


Please contact us for more information!

02 6161 8898  or 02 6162 1992

Fax: +61261083515